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the sisterhood retreats

The sisterhood retreats have been created to deepend your bond with yourself and the ladies in your life. Each retreat lasts for one week and will revitalise your body, mind, energy and spirit. If you have a group of friends that is as ready as you are to make fun, positive & lasting changes to their lives, Click on one of the links below.

Bride & Bridesmaids Retreat

bridesmaids opportyounity wedding bride

This retreat is reinventing the traditional “bachelorette party” into a transforming experience for you and your closest friends. It is based on a Javanesian Pre-wedding tradition, during which the bride is energized from the inside out – however in this case, the bridesmaids are incuded in the equasion…

Break-up Recovery Retreat

Opportyounity Break-up Recovery Retreats

Have you also been in the situation where one of your closest friends has just split up with her partner and you wish you could help her get through it? This is the perfect opportunity to giver her the support she needs. A place for all of you to experience rituals of self-growth, self-empowerment and self-love…

Inner Radiance Retreat

Opportyounity Sisterhood Retreats

This experience will recharge you & deepen your connection with your inner radiant self while being surrounded by other amazing individuals. It is a place where you will acquire habits & rituals that (re-) vitalise your whole being & can accompany you for the rest of your life…