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12 Nights of Transformation – Rauhnächte

A time to Reflect, Release & Reorient

The Opportyounity approach

For the last two years, I have been sharing rituals, coaching tools, inspirations and insights surrounding the “Rauhnächte”. This year, I decided to offer a more structured & payed version as a “12 nights of Transformation” course.

While this tradition is based on the more spiritual or “witchy” realms, I will be including options for everyone that simply wants to use this time to reflect on the past year and create a vision for the upcoming year. Even if you do have to work or don’t have much time, this course can help you gain more clarity & orientation. It is therefore entirely up to you how deep you want to go.


The course entails:

  • access to the online course through both your computer & smart phone)
  • Daily email notifications & prompts
  • Preperation & suggested materials for the Rauhnächte
  • live zoom sessions
  • self reflective questions
  • coaching tools
  • human design insights
  • visualisations
  • meditations
  • rituals & ceremonies

What are the 12 nights of Transformation aka Rauhnächte?

The “Rauhnächte” lie between the days/nights of the 24th/25th of Dec. and the 5th/6th of Jan. Many choose to start the celebration on the 21st, along with the winter solstice, which is when we will be commencing with our preperations. After all, if nature gives us the indicator that something is shifting, why not follow her rhythm?

During this time of year, it is believed that the ability to connect with the more subtle aspects of life is increased (e.g.: self-reflection, intuition, energy work, self-love, spiritual realms etc.). This truly makes it one of the best times of the year to reflect, release & reorient. Not only due to the energetic aspect, but also because of the long & cold nights that invite you to curl up with yourself & your inner guidance.

How can this help you?

Each of the days & nights, within the “Rauhnächte”, have a specific topic for you to focus on. They will slightly vary from the traditional order of topics, as I will be incorporating the structure and some tools from the “Opportyounity Program”.  My aim is to offer you a sequence which will most benifit your growth potential. This will help you start the year 2022 feeling more healthy, happy, empowered, balanced and filled with love.

balance your body, energy, mind and spirit
  • 21-24 – Environment
  • 24/25 – Roots & Ancestors
  • 25/26 – Exercise & Nutrition
  • 26/27 – Heart Opening Breath
  • 27/28 – Letting Go
  • 28/29 – Intuition
  • 29/30 – Relationships
  • 30/31 – Gratitude & Blessings
  • 31/01 – New Beginnings & Transition
  • 01/02 – Vision & Future
  • 02/03 – Growth & Action
  • 03/04 – Connectedness
  • 04/05 – Abundance
  • 05/06 – Last Wish & Reflection

Want to take it to a more “witchy” level?

During the course, I will provide some options for everyone that feels drawn to connecting with the more spiritual aspects of life. According to our ancestors, it is possible to predict the upcoming year by using oracle cards, the I-Ching, reflecting on your dreams and/or using your intuition. Each each day/night is therefore supposedly linked to one of the 12 months. (The new day always starts at 00:00)

tarot, rituals, Rauhnächte wild nights
  • 24/25 – January
  • 25/26 – February
  • 26/27 – March
  • 27/28 – April
  • 28/29 – May
  • 29/30 – June
  • 30/31 – July
  • 31/01 – August
  • 01/02 – September
  • 02/03 – October
  • 03/04 – November
  • 04/05 – Dezember

How can you prepare?

21st Dec. till 24th Dec.:

The days leading up to the 25th, are the days to:

  • Clean your home (Start with a clean slate to invite better energy into your home)
  • Get organised (Including decluttering and making space for new energy)
  • Gather everything you need for the 12 upcoming nights (see below)

What you will need?


Wild nights Rituals & utensils - Rauhnächte zubehör

    During thes 12 nights, it is all about turning inwards, releasing all that does not serve you any longer and visualising the next year (2023) of your life.

    Things you will need by the 25th (especially if you are ready for some witch-magic):

    • 13 wishes (the “how to” will be explained in the course and during the zoom calls)
    • A journal (or the Opportyounity Journal)
    • A dream journal
    • Smudging utensils (e.g. Sage, Palo Santo or Incense sticks)
    • Oracle cards, the I-Ching, a pendulum or anything else that helps you connect with your inner guidance

    Opportyounity Newsletter

    This Newsletter will be a bit different than the ones you are used – It wont have a regular schedule! You will only be receiving Mail, when I feel there is something important for you to know, not because it’s “time” to send one out, but becuase the information is coming to me in that moment. Are you ready to receive insights on health, self-love and happiness? Then fill out the form 🤍

    wishes for wild nights rauhnächte

    The 13 wishes

    1. Get 13 small pieces of paper
    2. Write down 13 wishes that you want to manifest in the upcoming year(s)
      1. Write the wishes as if they already happend: In the present tense! “I have” “I am” “I do” etc.
      2. Feel them in your heart and with all of your senses, while visualising them behind your closed eyes
    3. Then, fold them up, so that you can not see their content
    4. Place them in a bowl, jar, cup or small bag
    5. You will be pulling one wish, every day, and burn it
    6. All of the burnt wishes will become a reality on their own – the last one however, you will have to manifest by yourself.
    wishes for wild nights rauhnächte

    What else is important:

    During the wild nights, everything is solely about YOU! So whether you want to only spend 5 minutes or 2 hours on the upcoming topics/rituals/self reflections etc. – It is all up to you. Everything I share with you are simply inspirations. If your inner guidance is telling you to do something else – perfect! Do it! As this would mean that you have truly captured the essence of the wild nights and connected with your intuition. Have a beautiful journey, magnificent being 🤍