Day 17 – Be(come) happy – Opportyounity Advent Calendar

<center>Day 17 – Be(come) happy – Opportyounity Advent Calendar</center>

Do you sometimes feel low? Would you like to know a quick way to feel better within minutes? Here are two ideas:

This one is going to sound a bit crazy but give it a try: Smile push-ups! Stand in front of a mirror and place your index fingers at the corner of your lips. Now push them upwards, to create a smile. Do this 10 times, slowly. Now, release your fingers and keep smiling for a bit, while looking at yourself. How do you feel? Smiles trigger the release of dopamine, endorphins and serotonin into your bloodstream which work as natural pain killers and have a relaxing effect on your body. Joy easily triggers us to smile but a smile can bring joy into our bodies as well 🙂

The next exercise has been talked about a lot lately but it also really works: Gratitude. Think of three (or more) things you are grateful for every morning. Then imagine, that you will never have these things/people again in your life – how would your life be without it/them? Now repeat feeling grateful for these things/people and feel the difference in the energy. We sometimes have to remind ourselves how lucky we are to have what we have. If you are having a hard time finding things to be grateful for, start with the basics: You are thankful, that you have a roof over your head, you are thankful for breakfast etc.

There is a family I know, which I mention a lot in connection with gratitude. Every time they sit down for a meal, they thank god for the food on their table. This gratitude is felt in the way they behave towards each other throughout the day as well. The husband is a soldier and together they have been through a lot of challenges but the love they share seems to grow stronger every time I see them. They never seem to take the time they all share together for granted. Maybe it’s time to bring some new perspective into our lives and stop pretending like we will all live forever. Be grateful and share this gratitude as much as you can ❤️

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