Day 18 – the importance of nature – Opportyounity Advent Calendar

<center>Day 18 – the importance of nature – Opportyounity Advent Calendar</center>

Sustainability, Paper straws, creating a biodegradable plastic from fish scales – a new movement has been happening around the world, in which nature is slowly being brought back into the limelight. We all know the importance of this movement (except maybe certain Presidents who claim climate change is a “hoax”) so I will not ride the waves with Greta Thunberg right now. Instead I would like to mention a few ways how Nature can improve your emotional well-being and how to incorporate this in your life.

The more time we spend in Nature, the more we feel connected to it and the more we feel the need to protect it. Being in nature shows us how majestic it is. It also increases our overall wellbeing and helps us fight depression, anxiety, stress, cardiovascular diseases, alzheimers, fatigue and many more steadily increasing health issues. 

What you can adapt is to try and go for a walk in nature (or at least in a park) for at least 15 minutes a day. During the summer months, I would even suggest walking barefoot to really ground yourself again. This helps to release accumulated draining energy and gain fresh power from Mother Earth.

There are fascinating studies out there showing how living closer to greeneries, improves your mental health and decreases the chances of physiological challenges like depression, anxiety etc. Even bringing plants into your house increases your mental well-being. Yes, the quality of the oxygen increases in your home, but the energy of plants alone, can change your own vibrations as well. There is even a study showing the difference in patients healing with or without plants in their rooms (Roger Ulrich). 

For today, how about you take a walk in nature and soak up its magic? Link me in pictures! I would love to see what you have experienced 🥰