Day 21 – Stardust – Opportyounity Advent Calendar

<center>Day 21 – Stardust – Opportyounity Advent Calendar</center>

We are actually made of Stardust. Can you believe it?! According to Dr Ashley King, planetary scientist and stardust expert, nearly all the elements found in our bodies, were made in a star, a supernova or even the big bang.

It’s quite fascinating, if you think about it this way: Every time we look at the stars, we are essentially looking at us. On top of that, due to the distance of the stars, we might sometimes be looking at a star that has actually already “died”. Such things really have a mind-blowing effect on me and reminds me of how small and fleeting we are. What are 90 years in the eyes of a billions of years old star?

Today is the day to remind ourselves that life is short and precious. A lot of times we need to get smacked with a severe incident to make ourselves realise that, but let’s try to put ourselves in the shoes of someone who survived an airplane crash. Can you imagine how lucky you have to be to survive dropping from the skies? Would you still look at your life in the same way? Would you still have the same job? Would you be with the same partner? Would you feel accomplished with everything you have achieved in life, if you had died?

The reason why today is the perfect day for this is because tonight (21.Dec.) and tomorrow (22. Dec.) early morning, you can see 5-10 comets an hour, flying through the skies, left behind by the comet “Tuttle”. This is a yearly event happening around the 17th-25th of Dec. and can be best observed around the “little bear” constellation. Tonight, go for a romantic stroll under the stars, and soak in their radiance. Explore your past, your present and your future 💫