Day 23 – Doing good – Opportyounity Advent Calendar

<center>Day 23 – Doing good – Opportyounity Advent Calendar</center>

We are only one day away from Christmas Eve. The holiday of love, family, support, care, presents, food, warmth and much more. But there are many people out there, which don’t have the luxury to enjoy one or more of these things. Maybe you are currently in a bit of a hurry to get things ready for tomorrow, but along your way, look out for things to do for others. Speak out a heartfelt compliment, hold the door, apologise to someone you should have apologised to long ago, lend an ear and some of your time to a homeless person in your city or maybe give some of your clothes or old blankets away to animal/women/homeless shelters.

In astanga yoga, the first two pillars are Yama (taking care of our social environment) and Niyama (self-care). These are two of the foundations of a happy and healthy life. There are many people out there which are going to tell you to do something nice for someone else and that will make you happy. But that is not enough! Doing something for the sake of doing it or because someone told you to, won’t work with anything in life. At least it won’t ever be as successful as doing the things with deep rooted beliefs, passion and love! 

If you want to know more about the happiness that hides behind helping others with pure intentions, watch this TED Talk of Elizabeth Dunn: