Day 24 – Love, Happiness & Harmony – Opportyounity Advent Calendar

<center>Day 24 – Love, Happiness & Harmony – Opportyounity Advent Calendar</center>

We have arrived at the final day of the opportyounity advent calendar and because most of you are probably getting ready for Christmas eve, I will keep this post short: 

I wish you all a very happy Christmas and that you get to share it with the people you love. For this special day, I recorded a Love, Happiness and Harmony mediation which you will receive for free as my little xmas gift to all of you 🥰

This mediation will take care of anyone who is far apart from their families and friends for this special occasion, but also during any other time you feel like you need the support, warmth and care of your family. Listen to this mediation to feel a deep connection with your loved ones, no matter how far the physical distance may be 🤍 

Another extremely useful way to use this meditation, is to listen to it, before you meet the relatives, that you usually don’t get along with so well. It will help you feel more connected to them and will smooth the way for a beautiful xmas gathering. May you be healthy, happy, safe and surrounded by love ❤️🌲💫