Opportyounity Life
1ST/2ND OF JANUARY – REPRESENTING September & vision


The time has come to set some goals for this wonderful new year full of empowering new opportunities. Being clear about what you want to achieve, within a certain time frame, turns your day dreams into a goals, which automatically sharpens your focus. Having goals & a clear vision of what it is you want, is like owning a map, while creating a step-by-step plan of how to reach them, is like owning a compass. So let’s start building your map first, so that you can create your action plan tomorrow.



As the overall theme of the wild nights is connected to the more subtle energies in life, that is what we will be focusing on. Each day will have one particular theme, however ALL wild nights will have a few things in common. 


  • Wishes: Pick one of your 13 wishes at random (without looking at it) and burn it. DO NOT burn all 13 wishes. One wish should be left over for the 6th of January.
  • Dreams: Write into your dream journal as soon as you wake up in the morning (starting on the 25th of December). Your dreams can give you a rough idea of what might be in store for you next year, however be very mindful of how you interpret your dreams. It might simply be that you are working through the happenings of your day, so take your dreams with a grain of salt. If you feel they do represent your upcoming year, try to dig deeper with the I-Ching, your Oracle cards, a pendulum, meditation or whatever else you feel called to use to connect with your inner guidance.
  • Predictions: Each of the nights/days represent one of the months of next year. You can use your oracle deck, the I-Ching or any other tool you enjoy using to connect with your intuition, to find out what the overall theme of the month of January will be.
  • Journaling: You can use your diary/journal to write down what your oracle cards, the I-Ching etc. has revealed about the month of January and you can also use it in the evening, to reflect on the happenings of your day. All of these aspects can give you clues for next year.
  • Smudging: Smudge your home with Sage, Palo Santo, incense sticks or whatever you feel called to use. The smoke is believed to expel negative energies, so leave your windows open for a little bit after smudging, so that those energies can leave your home.

Always remember do do what feels right to you. None of these things will help you in any way, if you just do it for the sake of doing it. Instead, even if you only do ONE of these things, but you do it with your heart and soul, that when you will see results. Now, let’s take a look at the main topic for today.



If you own the Opportyounity Journal you have one page for each of the 3 pillars of each 4 Layers. All together, that makes 12 Goals for one year. This is meant to give you clarity on what it is you want. It does not mean, that you need to start working on all 12 goals at once. Take it slow and one step at a time. Once you have set all your goals for each layer, you can start working on one goal at a time.

For everyone that doesn’t have the journal, I would ask you to refer to #8 wild night – New Beginnings, so that you can get a rough understanding of what each layer entails. As you can see in the Opportyounity Life Wheel, each Layer has 3 Pillars. You can choose to either set one goal for each layer, or you can set one goal for each pillar within each layer.

When you set your goals, always write them in the present or past tense, as if it has already happened and ask yourself:

How does this goal change my life?

You need a strong motivation, that comes from within you, to achieve your goals. So if your answer would be: “It makes my girlfriend/boyfriend happy” That is not enough! The motivation needs to shift something within YOU not within anyone else.

Once you are clear on the goals you want to achieve this year, create a vision board for yourself

Vision Board

You can do this in the traditional sense by grabbing some magazines, scissors, a printer, glue and anything else you might need to create your motivational vision board, or you can create one on your phone (at least if you have an iPhone – I’m not sure about Androids). The more you see your goals, the more you will unconsciously program yourself to achieve them.

To create your Vision board on your phone, follow these steps:
  1. Download the app Pinterest
  2. Create an account, if you don’t already have one, or log in
  3. Create a private board and search for inspiring images that you want to see over and over again
  4. Press your home screen for a prolonged period of time and wait until all your apps start shaking
  5. click the plus button on the top left of your screen
  6. scroll down until you find the “Pinterest” widget
  7. Choose your size and choose the board you want to feature

You will have a portable rotating vision board that you can look at whenever you pick up your phone. I would suggest taking a few moments, every time you see a new image on your screen, to really feel yourself into the image. Imagine you are already in that situation that you see on your screen and feel it with all of your senses. While visualising, feel gratitude in your heart for “already having accomplished it”.

Do this with any goal or vision that you might have. Use your senses and use the feeling of love, gratitude and/or happiness.

Bonus: Mind-movie

As a bonus, I would like to suggest to you to create a mind-movie for yourself in which you take all of your goals and visualise your life with all of those goals accomplished. Be as detailed and as clear as you can be. “Watch” this mind-movie in your mind, every day, as often as you desire. If you want to take it to another step, you could even create a real “vision movie” by using unsplash or pexels and some videos of yourself in moments that you loved.

That’s it for now! Make sure you have your goals set for tomorrow, so that you can start planning your step-by-step action plan for each one of those goals tomorrow 🀍