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*Embodying your Design*


This is a two month course which is completely tailored to your needs and your knowledge of Human Design. This course is for you if you want to have a deeper understanding of your Human Design while also receiving practical tips on how to implement the learned insights into your day to day life.

IMPORTANT: Please schedule a call with me BEFORE booking this course!

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This is an 8 week program in which you learn about yourself through human design.

In our first live call (90-120 minutes), we will take a look at your unique Human Design Chart, in which we uncover your type, aura, strategy and authority, profile, centres, circuits, definition, gates, channels, quarters, incarnation cross, variables (PHS, environment, perspective, awareness), sense, motivation, transference & manifestation style.

You will receive the recording of our Human Design Session & a PDF with your HD Chart Information

After going through your chart, we will take a closer look at the following topics and define what would work best for you to improve these aspects:

Week 1: Type, Strategy, Signature & Aura - How you interact with the world & how the world interacts with you
Week 2: Authority 8 centres - How you make your most authentic decisions & How you are being influenced by others
Week 3: Profile - Gaining confidence in how to market yourself
Week 4: Incarnation cross & Quarter - what you are here to achieve
Week 5 & 6: Gates, Definition & Circuitry - your shadows and your potential
Week 7: Variables - Creating Routines according to your ideal environment, PHS, Perspective and Awareness

During the weekly 60 minute call:

- You will receive practical tips on what to do during the week
- We will come together and reflect on your previous week - what went well and what you struggled with.

You can contact me through "WhatsApp": Monday to Friday, from 08:00-18:00 (+8 GMT)

IMPORTANT: Please only book this course once we have had a 15-30 min free call! It is vital for you & me to resonate with one another for this program to work out!

You can book your call here

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