Life Purpose & Passion | Human Design Reading


Discover your life purpose and passion(s), unlock your potential and gain clarity on your life path with a human design reading that explores your chart’s relevant features and provides insights for aligning your actions with your true self.

Important: This session is personalised. If we have not yet met, please book a free 15 min. call here BEFORE purchasing this reading.

Each session is always adapted to your personal needs and desires. The following description is only an overview and will be tailored to YOU.

An in-depth human design reading that delves into your "life purpose & passion(s)" can offer valuable insights into your natural strengths and talents, unlocking your full potential. We'll examine the aspects of your chart that are most revealing about your life purpose, such as your incarnation cross, relevant asteroids and dominant planetary influences. With the help of this reading, you can achieve clarity about your motivations and how to align your choices and actions with your authentic self, resulting in a more meaningful and purposeful life. Additionally, I'II provide guidance to assist you in discovering your life path and taking steps towards achieving it.


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