Shadow work & Deconditioning | Human Design Reading


This human design reading includes relevant asteroids, gate and channels and focuses on “shadow work & deconditioning,” helping you identify and heal limiting beliefs and patterns, guiding you towards embracing your true Self and unlocking your unique potential.

Important: This session is personalised. Please book a free 15 call here BEFORE purchasing this program. 

Each session is always adapted to your personal needs and desires. The following description is only an overview and will be tailored to YOU.

This human design reading incorporates relevant asteroids, gates and channels and focuses on 'shadow work & deconditioning.' This combination provides powerful insights to help you identify and heal limiting beliefs and patterns that may be hindering your personal growth. By exploring your individual human design chart and understanding your conditioning. you can gain clarity on how to release behaviours and patterns that no longer serve you. This reading aims to guide you towards embracing your true Self, unlocking your unique potential, and living a more authentic and empowered life.


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