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This journal is not just A journal, it is YOUR Journal. It is flexible enough to suit your individual needs, but still offers you a well structured blueprint to give you the support you desire on your path to inner happiness.

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Your Layers

Your Layers

body symbol

Physical Layer

The first, most palpable one is your Physical Layer (your body). It thrives with the right nutrition, …

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… exercise and environment. In India and China, visiting an Ayurvedic doctor or a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, means that you will be treated in a very individual way. Both the Opportyounity Life Program & the Journal will help you to adjust your current habits and give you a structure to implement routines which work best for YOU, combined with input of how to improve your physical wellbeing.

energy Layer symbol

Energy Layer

Energy Layer connected to the concept of a “life energy” which is within and around all of us. …

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It is your Energy Layer which governs your digestion, your breath/speech, your nervous system, your blood and other moving functions in your physical body, building the connection between your body (Physical Layer) and your mind and emotions (layer). Breathing exercises, flowing movements (like Yoga, dancing or Qigong), fresh air and reconnecting with nature help replenish and balance your Energy.

Mind Layer Symbol

Mind Layer

Your Mind Layer experiences the world through your nervous system and reacts to it …

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… with your basic instincts or socially/culturally acquired behaviour and routines. Through affirmations, self observation, mindfulness, visualisation and re-evaluation of your habits, routines, belief patterns and social surroundings you can learn to use this layer to your advantage. The main aspects which are covered in this layer are: Passion & Purpose, Self Reflection and Social Surroundings.

Wisdom Layer Symbol

Wisdom Layer

The last layer before your inner happiness is your Wisdom Layer. The main cause for imbalances in …

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… this layer is due to our constant distraction with the external world. Switch-words, spending time in solitude, meditation, intuitive work (Intuition) and observing your dreams are some of the tools which can help you to develop and balance this layer. Another big part of it is the topic of Self-love, which is necessary to address in order to experience the true happiness that radiates from within YOU.

The Opportyounity Life Journal

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We all carry happiness within ourselves but often struggle to experience it for a prolonged period of time. We rely more on external factors instead of focusing inwards. This journal gives you a treasure map of how to reach your inner happiness and create a life full of joy, peace, love and vitality.

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❗️Do you feel stressed, worried or as if something is missing in your life? Have you tried to find solutions but feel overwhelmed by the information overload and lost in where to begin?

🙌 I have been there! Thats why I have created this journal. A blueprint flexible enough to suit your individual needs, yet giving you a clear structure to support you on your happiness & health journey. The journal contains:

📋 Uncover your inner happiness: A manual of what you need to do to achieve a real shift in your life

📍 Where do you stand: Knowing where you are right now in your life, is going to help you understand which steps to take next. Like an alcoholic, you first need to realise that something needs to change, before you can take action. Use the OPPORTYOUNITY LIFE WHEEL to evaluate your monthly progress.

⏳Prioritise yourself: Use the ROUTINE SCHEDULE to make space for your daily “YOU-time”

🔮 Stay focused: Use the monthly MOTIVATION vision board for a daily boost of energy

💪 Reach your goals: Use the GOAL & ACTION PLAN (12x)

✅ TRACKING your progress: Habits, sleep, mood, period, the weather and the lunar cycle

🔆 Stay positive: Write down your AFFIRMATION to stay motivated throughout your day

👁 Plan & Reflect: Daily 1-page prompts divided into A.M. and P.M, for an efficient and solid self-care routine

🚰 Fill up your cup: The DAILY DO’S leave you feeling energised and ready to take charge of your day

  • Deep breathing - a stable breath, keeps you in control of your emotions
  • Meditation - reduces stress and anxiety while increasing your focus and peace of mind
  • Heartfelt - I am grateful - with genuine gratitude your inner light will accumulate positive events and people into your life
  • Flowing movement/Exercise - keeps you grounded, while increasing your joy and vitality

🦋  Get to know YOU more: 28 thought provoking self-reflection QUESTIONS

✍️ 60 Pages of FREE FLOW writing space with dotted paper

📓 Book binding:

  • Thread-stitching
  • A5 format
  • white, high quality 120 g/m2 paper
  • three bookmarks (green, grey, silver)
  • Silver embossed, forest green Morano vegan leather cover

Shipping: Please contact me directly if you would like to order more than 2 Journals at once - Thank you 🌺

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1 review for The Opportyounity Life Journal

  1. Avatar

    Catismile (verified owner)

    Love this journal !

    1) it clearly explains the importance of the 4 „Koshas“ layers. When these layers are in harmony, you are able to life „YOUR“ most satisfying life. I feel it has given me more clarity on the areas of my life I want to work on.

    2) The individual analysis of the day to day life regarding my routine/timeschedule/needs/goals has helped me see the discrepancy between what I do and what I sincerely want to do.

    3) The day to day process of writing by hand and reflecting on my day has helped me slowly adjust certain aspects of my life and myself. I feel motivated by the process and can see within my monthly review the progress I make.

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