Opportyounity Life Travels – Kerala, India

Welcome to Opportyounity Life Travels – a journey through Kerala and to your inner self. Kerala is a state in India where I have been living for more than a year now. One of their tourism campaigns uses the slogan “humane by nature”, a statement that couldn’t be more accurate. For this reason, and because of my close connection with Indian culture, people, Hinduism, Yoga and Ayurveda, I have decided to take you on a journey to this mystical country. The gathered experiences and teachings will accompany and support you long after your return.

Available dates:

20th of March 2020 – 5th of April 2020

15th of September 2020 – 1st of October 2020

13th of November 2020 – 29th of November 2020

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Daily Agenda

Day 1:

Arrival, jetlag-yoga and setting intentions.

You will be picked up at the airport and brought to the beautiful beach side destination Abad Turtle beach hotel, where you can take the first day to relax and recover from your journey. In the afternoon you will be guided through a Jetlag yoga sequence, followed by a short introduction of the program and a “getting to know” group gathering. A delicious vegetarian-ayurvedic dinner will be served at the Pool side restaurant. 

Day 2: 

Puls diagnosis and the inner workings of the human body. 

Dr. Vignesh will be awaiting us for a lecture in the yoga hall, helping us understand more about the internal processes of our organism. After enjoying a healthy lunch together, each member of the group will have a complimentary session of half an hour in which more personal questions can be answered. For the rest of the afternoon, we have kept the time for you to relax and enjoy the atmosphere of the residence. An important daily exercise, for which we have kept some time after dinner, is the reflection and capturing of your experiences and gratitude. 

Day 3: 

Nutrition hacks and connecting with your body’s intuition. 

Today we will be picking our vegetables in the organic garden of the resort and preparing our own lunch under the guidance of the kitchen chef. We will be also starting a few of the individual yoga classes, while the rest of the group is free to relax in the garden, at the pool or at the beach. During the afternoon we will learn a bit more about vitamins, minerals, our food habits and how to find alternatives suitable for your lifestyle.

Day 4:

Breath, Emotions, body posture and connections.

We will learn about emotions, body posture and how to breath. Practical exercises combined with some theory will have you understand the concept in no time and give you the tools to improve your reactions towards yourself and others. At the end of the day we will have a little meditative ceremony which focuses on the connection towards each other and the surrounding nature.

Day 5: 

Citytour – Fort Kochi.

We will venture out to Fort Kochi and experience the vibrant life of an Indian city, where you will learn the art of “let it happen” and living in the moment. Spontaneous endeavours, discovering hidden gems at antique stores and riding rikshas through the streets are part of the program that awaits you. We will enjoy our lunch at the Dutch Bungalow, built in 1668, and after strolling along the coast line during sunset, we will spend the evening watching a traditional Katakali dance performance at one of the oldest theatres in town. Afterwards, our driver will be taking us back to our beach residence where dinner will be waiting for us to be enjoyed.

Day 6:

Perception and Acceptance.

Today we will be floating through the backwaters of Kerala, on a traditional Shikara boat, getting in touch with local fishermen and falling into the role of an observer. We will be reconnecting with the surrounding nature and the silence around and within us. 

Day 7 & Day 8:

Purpose – Goal setting and achievement plan.

Figuring out who you truly are is the topic of the next two days. What really is important to you and what is influenced by your surrounding? Within the next 48 hours we will be getting closer to who you truly are, by using self reflection tools and the help of Sangeetha Rebecca, a trained energetic healer, Reikimaster and tarot card reader. She will teach you some tools to help yourself through difficult situations, tell us about her own experiences living in a conservative culture while deciding to follow her calling and help you in a personal session to guide you closer to your full potential. Parallelly, there will be individual yoga sessions tailored to you needs and enough time for you to practice the newly learned tools. It is important to realise the value of these repetitions during your stay in India, as this is the time we can help you perfect yourself in them.

Day 9:

Nature drive and Temple visit.

After breakfast we will make our way into the beautiful hills of Munnar. The journey will take around 4 hours in which we will stop over to enjoy nature in its full beauty and, depending on the weather conditions, take in a picknick with a scenic view or find some place to eat on the way.  Before reaching the resort, we will stop at a local temple to experience the magical candle lit atmosphere. Dinner will be served at our new home for the rest of our stay, Kaivalyam Retreat.

Day 10:

Healing inside and out.

Today is all about the healing powers of nature. A short presentation will be given to you with a guided tour through the tea plantations and healing plant gardens. In the afternoon there will be individual yoga classes and “time for yourself”. 

Day 11:

Relationships – with yourself and others.

Relationships are a big part of our lives and often influence our thoughts and feelings. We are going to learn about self love, forgiveness, vulnerability and other important factors in healthy relationships combined with analysing your current social surrounding. We will enter the role of the observer and look at the habits we have formed and the lives we have created for ourselves. Individual yoga sessions will be part of todays program.

Day 12:

Vibrations, mantras, affirmations and sound.

“What we think, we become. What we feel, we attract”. We will learn how to observe our thoughts and how sound and vibrations impacts us on different levels including our Chakras. Individual yoga classes will be part of the afternoon program along with  “time for yourself”.

Day 13:

Intuition, Senses and Self Love.

Learning to trust yourself again is the key to todays endeavours. We are going to work on these aspects of your self individually and within the group. Awareness and Mindfulness tools are going to help you find beauty within and around you. Meditative practices and self love exercises, along with a stroll to the river and a “letting go” ritual are some of the things that await you today.

Day 14:

All about Yoga.

We are going to go deeper into the history, philosophy and effects of yoga. Until now, we have experienced Yoga and are already able to feel the effects of it on our body. Now it is time to understand what is happening within us when we practice it regularly and in our daily lives. Theory and practical exercises are going to fill the day including some individual yoga sessions to work on your individual needs.

Day 15:

Recap and Action plan.

It is time to revisit everything that we have learned and to make a plan to apply it to your daily routine, for when you get back home. To build new habits, you need discipline, repetition and most of all you need a plan that works for you, which is what we will work on today. In the afternoon we will have a few more individual yoga lessons and the option to drive into town for some last minute shopping.

Day 16:


It is time to say goodbye. You will be taken to the airport, with memories of colourful experiences, new connections with beautiful souls and a tools which will help you in the life you go back to.