Opportyounity Life Travels

While it is possible to achieve a change in oneself without leaving your hometown/homeland, coming in contact with situations, people, and cultures, different to your usual surrounding, can immensely broaden your horizon and improve your overall wellbeing. Sometimes a change of place is what you need to distance yourself form your daily life and reboot your hard- and software.

This is the reason I decided to create a travel-program which reinforce the effects of such an experience and helps you find happiness around the world and within yourself. A journal will accompany you on this external and internal journey, with each day giving rise to a new topic regarding your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth. A combination of group yoga sessions and individual classes, self-help exercises and tools, cultural experiences, workshops, great healers providing you with personal healing sessions and presentations (only available within some of the packages) will give you a well rounded experience, benefitting you even after the trip has ended. 

The Opportyounity Life Program is going to guide you to a deeper understanding of your physical being and the more subtle layers around your soul. To accomplish this, the days will be classified into topics, ranging from the more palpable and “logical” aspects of who you are to areas which are not seen with the eyes and are sometimes not as easily defined. Pranayama, Yoga, Mediation and targeted exercises are going to be the foundation of our daily activities, paired with healthy vegetarian options for breakfast, lunch and dinner.