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Happiness is within you

Are you ready to uncover it? Take charge and experience balance, peace and joy in all areas of your life.

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The Opportyounity Life Journal

A blueprint for your happiness, flexible enough to suit your individual needs. Find out which steps you need to take and use this journal on a daily basis to plan, stay on track and develop an energising wellness routine.

Uncover your Happiness


Blocked Layers

In yoga it is believed that we have 5 layers which encapsulate our soul/true Self like an onion. We accumulate these layers in the womb and throughout our lifetime, we are often consciously or subconsciously adding blockages as a means of protection from disappointment, hurt, frustration, rejection and more.  


Well Balanced Layers

Through specific life changes, techniques and exercises included in the Opportyounity Life Program, you can balance your 4 most outer layers and by that, reach your “fifth layer”, your inner happiness.

Koshas Layers Opportyounity
1. Physical Layer

The physical layer thrives with the right nutrition, exercises and surrounding. In India and China, visiting an Ayurvedic doctor or a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, means that you will be treated in a very individual way. Everyone of us has a distinct “body-type” which we are born with. According to this base constitution, and the apparent imbalances, you will receive specific treatments, targeted to your needs. This “type-concept” is used to guide you towards your proper nutrition, environment, exercises and can even help you understand yourself beyond physical aspects, as each type is also seen to have certain mental and emotional characteristics and preferences. 

2. Energy Layer

The concept of a “life energy” which is within and all around us, is known all over the world. Indians call it “Prana”, Polynesians call it “Mana”, Chinese call it “Qi/Chi” and Max Planck, the man who developed the quantum theory, called it “the matrix of all matter”. Even though we are not (yet) able to prove its existence scientifically, most agree that, without it, we would seize to exist. It is your energy layer which governs your digestion, your breath/speech, your blood and other moving functions in your physical body, building the connection between your body (physical layer) and your mind (layer). A powerful and steady breath leads to a well nourished life energy, a strong body, stable mind and balanced emotions. Breathing exercises, flowing movements (like Yoga or Chi Gong), fresh air and reconnecting with nature help replenish and balance your Prana.

Koshas Layers Opportyounity
3. Mind Layer

The mind layer experiences the world through your nervous system and reacts to it with your basic instincts or socially/culturally acquired behavior and routines. Being stuck here would mean that you would live life in autopilot mode and react to situations without evaluating the consequences. An example where this occasionally happens is when you brush your teeth in the morning. You have repeated this routine so many times, that your consciousness takes a break and you are left standing there like an automated robot. Through mindfulness, re-evaluation of your habits/routines/belief patterns/social surrounding you can learn to use this layer to your advantage.

4. Wisdom Layer

The last layer before your inner happiness is the wisdom layer, which is often looked at as the seat of your “observer”. This is where you can reflect upon yourself and evaluate your thoughts and actions. When this layer is blocked, your personal ethics are compromised, your willpower is weak and proactivity is lacking. When it is well balanced, you can identify truth from illusion and connect with your intuition. Spending time in solitude, visualizations, affirmations, meditation, self-observation and observing your dreams helps you to develop and balance this layer.

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The Opportyounity Life Podcast

A collection of interviews of inspiring individuals who have found their unique paths to happiness, each revealing one of their treasured self-care techniques. Mix and match them, depending on your current needs and circumstances, to create a routine for your own life.

About Miko & Opportyounity

Find out how the Opportyounity Life Program came to life, how it works and how it can help you bring back more health and happiness into you life.

P.S.: This video will give you a tool of how to reduces, anger, stress, pain, sadness towards another person or yourself.

About Miko

I am Miko, currently living in India and Europe, developer of the Opportyounity Life Program and working as a certified yoga therapy instructor (since 2016), specialising in healing meditation and mindful living.

words from precious hearts

“Training your body or your mind? Why not both in harmony with each other. A point of view that one initially simply “does”, later understands and in the end does not want to miss. It is extremely inspiring, challenging and relaxing to work with Miko. She has a special way of inspiring you to engage with your body as a whole, to increasingly understand it and to bring it into shape. On this journey one learns an incredible amount about oneself and regards this as a gift of immeasurable value. Especially in these times of daily hectic and the need to constantly adapt and change, this has an enormously de-accelerating effect. Thanks Miko.”

Harry B.

 “A real wellbeing treasure! It’s an online course extremely well structured and balanced. The rhythm is perfectly modulated and the nice and firm voice continuously guides us, anticipating any difficulties.”

Ghislaine M.