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Hi, I am Miko, currently living in India and Europe, developer of the Opportyounity Life Program and since 2016 working as a certified yoga therapy instructor, specialising in healing meditation and mindful living.

The Opportyounity Life Program uses a combination of ancient wisdom and contemporary approaches to help solve past blockages, modern-day ailments and reconnect with the happiness which lies within all of us. The lack of this connection can lead to feeling stressed, anxious, angry or sad and can even create physical ailments like hypertension or weight problems etc.. Many people describe this feeling of disconnect as “missing something” and end up trying to fill this void with external pleasures, often leading to more issues.

Today we live in one of the most beautiful times in the history of human kind. Our life expectancy is higher than ever before, we are overall better educated and we may be living in the most peaceful time in the existence of our species. Still issues like depression and the feelings of loneliness are rapidly increasing. This is happening because we are living in an instant gratification culture and digital connection has replaced human connection.

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