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Whether you are looking to deepen your relationship with yourself or improve your social connections, Human Design & the Opportyounity program can both support you on this journey. Understanding your human design gives you the ability to recognise your full potential, while the Opportyounity Program can support you on your journey to accepting, loving and releasing the beautiful being that you are. Can you imagine how free you would feel?


My favourite kind of working with individuals is offline, so I am particularly excited about being able to finally offer the following retreats: Sisterhood retreats (Bachelorette Retreat, Break-up recovery retreat & Inner Radiance Retreat) & couple retreats (coming soon). Each of these experiences will deepen your relationship with yourself and the world around you, while handing you self-love & wellbeing tools that can empower you for the rest of your life.


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Your journey is unique, so why follow a “one-size-fits-all” appraoch for your body mind & soul?! This journal is not just A journal, it is YOUR Journal. It is flexible enough to suit your individual needs, but still offers you a well structured blueprint to give you the support you desire on your path to inner happiness.


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These guided meditations can help you release physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual blockages. The best way to experience them is to forget everything you have previously learned and really immerse yourself into the experience – only then will you be able to feel their positive impact.


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If you would like to experience live meditations, yoga sessions, rituals & talks all around the topics of happiness, holisity health & self-love, download the Insight Timer App and follow me to receive notifications for upcoming events. It truly is a wonderful community to be part of.

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Words from precious hearts

“Training your body or your mind? Why not both in harmony with each other. A point of view that one initially simply “does”, later understands and in the end does not want to miss. It is extremely inspiring, challenging and relaxing to work with Miko. She has a special way of inspiring you to engage with your body as a whole, to increasingly understand it and to bring it into shape. On this journey one learns an incredible amount about oneself and regards this as a gift of immeasurable value. Especially in these times of daily hectic and the need to constantly adapt and change, this has an enormously de-accelerating effect. Thanks Miko.”

– Harry B. –

“A real wellbeing treasure! It’s an online course extremely well structured and balanced. The rhythm is perfectly modulated and the nice and firm voice continuously guides us, anticipating any difficulties.”

– Ghislaine M. –

“There is so much going on in my life, but I notice that the journal gives me a lot of support. The morning and evening reminders of things I can do today give me a lot of strength. I personally love ticking off lists, so I especially like the crossing off of the Daily Do’s (daily habits). I notice how quickly and easily you build new routines and how you fall into a “good addiction”. You notice immediately that you miss working with it when you haven’t done it. It’s just really great!”

– Sina S. –

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This Newsletter will be a bit different than the ones you are used – It wont have a regular schedule! You will only be receiving Mail, when I feel there is something important for you to know, not because it’s “time” to send one out, but becuase the information is coming to me in that moment. Are you ready to receive insights on health, self-love and happiness? Then fill out the form 🤍

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