About Miko

Miko Opportyounity

Travel has always been an important part of my life and helped me break down my limiting beliefs. From a very early age on my parents took me all over the world, bringing me in contact with many different countries, events, locals and cultures. I got to experience everything from tent to 5 star hotels and had the chance to work as a guest relations manager and yoga instructor at a boutique luxury resort in Germany. All of this gave me a good foundation in knowing what guests need, want and don’t want in a trip.

While studying for my healthpractitioner exam, sitting in a traditional chinese medicine lecture, I had decided that I needed to go to a country where such healing methods were passed on from generation to generation. 

As India seemed to be calling my name, I left Germany to live there for more than a year. Throughout this time, I got the chance to learn from several Yoga instructors, Ayurvedic practitioners with knowledge of many preceding generations and nutritional experts, completing my yoga teacher and therapy certification at the end of my stay. Furthermore, I received the chance to work with patients at a clinic, helping them relieve symptoms through yoga, guided meditation and energy work, something that my 25 year old self would not believe if I told her right now.

This entire trip transformed my life. I started to practice yoga, on a daily basis, on and off the mat, gave yoga lessons to companies and individuals, I made decisions more intuitively, I gradually moved away from eating meat and drinking alcohol, I eliminated any synthetic pills and hormones and I started to trust my body’s self healing properties and natures elaborate organic pharmacy.

Coming from a very logical and fact based thinking, I can understand the struggle of grasping some of the more spiritual aspects, which are none the less important. When someone used to talk to me about energies, I would internally shake my head in slow motion. Only because I have gone through these experiences myself and in such a way that gradually expanded my horizon, I learned how to talk to people in different stages of their growth. How to hand them the tools they are ready for and to let them soak up the information that is right for them in that moment. With this knowledge I want to help adults, teenagers and kids fall (back) in love with nature, their lives, others around them and especially themselves. 

Love Miko