About Me

Miko Opportyounity

During one of my TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) lectures, in preparation for my “Heilpraktiker” examination, I decided to go to a country where such healing methods are passed on from generation to generation. 

As India seemed to be calling my name, I left Germany to live there for over a year. During this time I had the privilege to learn from several yoga teachers, Ayurvedic healers and nutrition experts and at the end of my stay I passed my yoga teacher and yoga therapy exam. I also had the opportunity to work with patients in a clinic and help them relieve symptoms through yoga, guided meditation and energy work, which my 25 year old self would have thought impossible, even absurd.

This whole journey has changed my life. I began to practice yoga on the mat and in my daily life, gave yoga classes to companies and individuals, made decisions more intuitively, gradually moved away from meat products and alcohol, eliminated synthetic pills and hormones, and began to trust the self-healing powers of my body and nature’s own pharmacy.

As I grew up with a very logical and fact-based way of thinking, I can well understand that it can be difficult to grasp the more spiritual aspects of life. When anyone used to talk to me about spiritual energies, I would shake my head with a smile on my face, because my mind could not grasp this concept. It is only because I have gone through some life-changing experiences myself and gradually broadened my horizon that I can understand people at different stages of their growth and help them on their individual journey. How to give them the tools they are ready for and take in the information that is right for them at that moment in time. With this knowledge I would like to help adults, teenagers and children to fall (back) in love with nature, with their lives, with others around them and above all, with themselves.

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