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YOU are unique, so why follow a “one-size-fits-all” appraoch for your body, energy, mind & soul?!

Human layers called the Koshas

Throughout your life, you get influenced by your genes, moulded by your environment and shaped by your social surroundings. With everything you go through in life, it can become hard to recognise who you truly are. The Opportyounity Program helps you to free yourself from external influences and return to your authentic self.

Human layers called the Koshas
Blocked Layers Koshas in Opportyounity

In yoga it is believed that we have 5 layers which encapsulate our soul/true Self like an onion. We accumulate these layers in the womb and throughout our lifetime, we are often consciously or subconsciously adding blockages as a means of protection from disappointment, hurt, frustration, rejection and more. 

Unblock your Layers

Through specific life changes, techniques and exercises included in the Opportyounity Program, you can heal & balance your 4 most outer layers and by that, reach your “fifth layer”, your inner happiness & self love.

physical layer opportyounity

Physical Layer

The first, most palpable one is your Physical Layer (your body). It thrives with the right nutrition, …

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… exercise and environment. In India and China, visiting an Ayurvedic doctor or a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, means that you will be treated in a very individual way. Both the Opportyounity Life Program & the Journal will help you to adjust your current habits and give you a structure to implement routines which work best for YOU, combined with input of how to improve your physical wellbeing.

energy layer opportyounity

Energy Layer

The Energy Layer is connected to the concept of a “life energy” which is within and around all of us. …

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It is your Energy Layer which governs your digestion, your breath/speech, your nervous system, your blood and other moving functions in your physical body, building the connection between your body (Physical Layer) and your mind and emotions (layer). Breathing exercises, flowing movements (like Yoga, dancing or Qigong), fresh air and reconnecting with nature help replenish and balance your Energy.

mind and emotions layer opportyounity

Mind Layer

Your Mind Layer experiences the world through your nervous system and reacts to it …

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… with your basic instincts or socially/culturally acquired behaviour and routines. Through affirmations, self observation, mindfulness, visualisation and re-evaluation of your habits, routines, belief patterns and social surroundings you can learn to use this layer to your advantage. The main aspects which are covered in this layer are: Passion & Purpose, Self Reflection and Social Surroundings.

spiritual wisdom layer opportyounity

Wisdom Layer

The last layer before your inner happiness is your Wisdom Layer. The main cause for imbalances in …

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… this layer is due to our constant distraction with the external world. Switch-words, spending time in solitude, meditation, intuitive work (Intuition) and observing your dreams are some of the tools which can help you to develop and balance this layer. Another big part of it is the topic of Self-love, which is necessary to address in order to experience the true happiness that radiates from within YOU.

The 1:1 Personal Guidance Program

Would you like to start living the life of your dreams? In this world of information overload, it can be hard to know “what really works” especially because your path to health, happiness & self-love is going to be very different than anyone elses.

With the help of “human design”, I am able to quickly determin your personal and/or relationship challenges and create an individualised plan to support you on your unique journey to holistic health, lasting happiness and pure (self) love!

human design opportyounity

Fall (back) in Love with yourself

Wheter you are in a relationship or not, the most important place to start your journey, is by working on the person that will be by your side, every single day of your life: Yourself.

Most of the challenges you face with other people in your life, are closely connected to the relatonship you have with yourself. The more you understand and care for your own needs, the less you will expect from others around you.

Together we can uncover your true Self and find ways for you to love it and live your full potential – beautiful, wild and free.

individual opportyounity

Reconnect with your partner(s)

couples opportyounity

Ladies, Gentlemen, Transgender, Queer, Straight, Bi, Throuples, Couples, monogamous, polyamorous – however you define yourself and your relationship – I have a question for you: Is/Are your partner/s ALL that you wished for?

You might be thinking “Well, that would be impossible” – But is it? I believe it is in fact possible to have a “perfect relationship” – it may not be defined as such by others, but as long as it fulfilles & satiates YOU and your partner/s, thats really all that matters no?

With the help of human design, you get to deepend your understanding of the dynamics within your relationship and bring more acceptance, blanace and love into it.

This deep-dive can then be used in the following session(s), to create a “relationship weel-being rodamap” for you to put all these insights into action.

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