Introduction | Human Design Reading


Through a personalised Human Design introduction reading, you can gain a deeper understanding of both your chart and your true self. This newfound awareness can enable you to recognise, accept, understand and ultimately love yourself.

Important: This session is personalised. If we have not yet met, please book a free 15 min. call here BEFORE purchasing this reading.

Each session is always adapted to your personal needs and desires. The following description is only an overview and will be tailored to YOU.

This reading is for YOU if you want to gain a better understanding of your chart. It will help you navigate through life more easily while also allowing you to accept and love yourselt for who you are. You wIll receive insights on how to make more aligned and empowering decisions, as well as an understanding of how to reduce your triggers. Additionally, I will suggest habits and routines that can best support your unique journey towards happiness, health and self-love.

Some or the aspects we will be exploring Include:

  • Type
  • Aura
  • Strategy
  • Inner Authority
  • Profile
  • Centers
  • Circuits
  • Sun and Earth Gates (Incarnation cross)
  • Channels

Duration: 90-120 minutes

What is included: A recording of your Human Design Session and a PDF of your HD Chart.


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