Releasing your Potential | Tailored to YOU

From Doubt to Clarity in 12 Weeks


This is a 12 week program which is completely tailored to your needs & current lifestyle. Here you will uncover what truly makes you happy, healthy and connects you with your inner Self.

Important: This course is personalised. If we have not yet met, please book a free 15 min. call here BEFORE purchasing this program.

Each session is always adapted to your personal needs and desires. The following description is only an overview and will be tailored to YOU.

If you are seeking a tailored version of the "Release your Potential" Program, you have found it. This 12-week program uses human design to personalize it to your needs and goes deeper than any other course. It helps you declutter and energize your life in all aspects, and helps you recognise and conquer your challenges in order to release your full potential. This course is based on the 12 pillars of the Opportyounity Program to make positive changes and energize all areas of your life. Each week, we'll enter a live call according to our schedules to discuss one of the 12 Opportyounity topics, which you can see on the list (1-12).

To begin, the first call is a 90-120 minute Human Design Introduction Reading, in which we'll cover your type, aura, strategy, inner authority, profile, centers, circuits, Sun & Earth Gates (Incarnation Cross), and channels. You'll receive a recording of our Human Design session and a PDF with your HD Chart information. If you have had a human design reading before, we can also adjust this step according to your current focus in life.

The program includes the following tools and topics based on the Opportyounity Concept:

  1. Environment (the ideal environment for you according to HD and how to manifest it)
  2. Exercise (your exercise type according to HD and how to get started)
  3. Nutrition (your ideal diet according to HD and easy healthy hacks)
  4. Breath work (for more balance & energy)
  5. Flowing Movements (basic poses and suggestions for continuing)
  6. Nature (re-)connection (implementation into your life, also with HD)
  7. Social surroundings (limiting beliefs, boundaries, letting go, shadow aspects in your sun & earth gates, and how to convert them into light or mastery)
  8. Self-Reflection (mindfulness, self-reflective questions, and journaling based on the challenges we uncover and your design)
  9. Passion & Purpose (uncovering your incarnation cross, why you're here, and how to manifest your destiny)
  10. Solitude (understanding and implementing meditation into your life according to your Human Design)
  11. Intuition (working on "feeling" your strategy and authority to make decisions more easily)
  12. Self-Love (creating a routine and rituals that work for you) + Recap of the last 12 weeks and suggestions for the future (including the use of transits to continue your work)

During our weekly 60-minute call, you'll receive practical tips on what to do during the week, and we'll reflect on how your previous week went and what you struggled with.

During the 12 weeks, you can contact me via WhatsApp Monday to Friday, from 08:00-18:00 (+8 GMT). Additionally, you'll also have access to your personal client profile, which includes heaps of useful materials, suggestions, inspirations, tools and ideas. This access will remain available to you for one year after purchase.

Please note that it's unlikely to unleash your full potential within 12 weeks, and it's not the goal of this course. However, if you stick to the suggestions, you'll notice a significant difference between your before and after versions. If you keep working on yourself for months and years after completing this program, you will eventually reach your full potential.

Important: It's vital for us to resonate with one another for this program to work out, so please book a 15-30 min free call before purchasing this course.

You can book your call here.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you 🦋


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