Releasing your Potential | NOT personalised

From Doubt to Clarity in 12 Weeks


This is a 12-week online course (not personalised) which gives you access to a client portal filled with materials, suggestions, inspirations, tools and ideas that will help you bring balance into the 12 major aspects in your life.

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Important: This product is NOT personalised. It is an evergreen online course. For the individualised “Releasing your Potential” coaching program, click here

If you're looking for a program to help you declutter and energize your life, then the "Release your Potential" Program is perfect for you. This 12-week online course is designed to help you restructure all areas of your life based on the 12 pillars of the Opportyounity Program.  Bringing balance into each one of them helps to address all aspects of a your life, leading to a more abundance, harmony, happiness, health, and self-love. Each week, practical tips and insights on one of the 12 Opportyounity topics, will be unlocked in your client portal.

The program includes the following tools and topics based on the Opportyounity Concept:

  1. Environment: Tips, tricks and ideas which will help you organise and restructure your Environment
  2. Exercise - Insights on exercises and how to get started
  3. Nutrition - Hacks on how to improve your diet
  4. Breath - Several different breathing exercises to help you balance your body, mind, energy and emotions
  5. Flowing Movements - giving you a basic understanding of yoga poses and how these benefit you
  6. Nature - How to implement nature into your life and why that is beneficial for you
  7. Social surroundings - techniques and tools that help you attain balance in your relationships. This section includes, amongst other things, human design, cord cutting, reframing your thoughts
  8. Self Reflection - tools that help you reflect on your actions and why that is important for self-improvement. This section includes, amongst other things: mindfulness, self reflective questions and journaling
  9. Passion & Purpose - This section includes: Ikigai, Manifestation & Motivation techniques.
  10. Solitude - understanding & implementing meditation into your life
  11. Intuition - working your your intuition through, amongst other things, somatic techniques & guided meditations
  12. Self Love - exploring self-care rituals & routines and how to develop lasting habits

Throughout the program, you'll have access to your personal client profile, which includes useful materials, tools, suggestions, inspirations, and ideas. This access will remain available to you for one year after purchase.

Please note that the goal of this program is not to unleash your full potential in 12 weeks. However, by following the suggestions, you'll notice a significant difference between your before and after versions. If you keep working on yourself for months and years after completing this program, you'll eventually reach your full potential.

If this program sounds interesting to you, click the purchase button. You will shortly receive a confirmation email with all the details needed to enter your client portal.

If you would prefer this program to be personalised, take a look at the "Tailored to YOU: Releasing your Potential - From Doubt to Clarity in 12 Weeks".


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