12 Nights of Transformation | Starts Dec. 2023

2022 | 2023


A live online course to reflect on the past year, release the old, recharge and manifest a new you for 2023

This course is based on, but is not limited to, the "12 nights between the years", also known as the "Rauhnächte". Each night stands for a specific topic, leading you on a journey of introspection & self-growth.

From the 25th of December until the 6th of January you will receive daily prompts and suggestions, to make the most of these 12 magical nights. Whether you are rational, spiritual, have little time or lots of it - you will be able to use this course to start the transformation of YOU for the upcoming year.

This is what last years course looked like! This can give you an overview on what to expect - the exact program for Dec. 2023/January 2024 will be available (latest) on the 1st of December:

  • The language of this course is: ENGLISH
  • Access to the online course through both your computer & smart phone
  • Course content unlocked daily from the 25. December 2022 till 06. January 2023
  • Daily live Zoom sessions (16:00 GMT+1/10:00 GMT-5) between the above mentioned timeframe which will be recorded and availbale for replay. 2 More live sessions will be sceduled for the 12. of December & 20. December 2022
  • Preperation & suggested materials for the Rauhnächte
  • Daily self reflective questions (within the above mentioned timeframe)
  • Coaching tools
  • Human design insights which you will be able to connect to YOUR unique Design
  • Visualisations & Meditations
  • Rituals & Ceremonies
  • Once the course has finished, your access remains active for 6 months
  • You will also receive FREE access to the Introduction to the Opportyounity Program. This short intro course can help you understand why self love is so important and in which aspects of life you need to gain balance to feel happy, healthy and full of love.

The topics for each of the nights is as follows:

  • 12th of December 2022 -> Our first live call
    • Topic: Introduction & Preparation: For all the early birds: we will be talking about what the "Rauhnächte" are and all the things you might want to organise before getting started with the "12 Nights of Transformation".
  • 20th of December 2022
    • Topic: The next 4 days explained & writing your 13 wishes. This is a little workshop for everyone that would like to formulate their wishes together and with guidance. We will also be talking about what the next 4 days could entail for you.
  • 21st till 24th of December 2022
    • Topic: Environment -> Organising, decluttering & cleaning your Space. This is the time to start taking action - Starting the decluttering, cleaning and cleansing process of your space. We will also explore your ideal Environment according to Human Design.
  • 25th of December 2022
    • Topic: Roots & Ancestors. Today's topic is about (re-)connecting with your root & your ancestors. We will also uncover where your ancestors have influenced you according to your human design.
  • 26th of December 2022
    • Topic: Exercise & Nutrition. We will be talking about physical health, reflect on the habits of the past year and adjust them by implementing them into the normal day to day life. Another important part that we can uncover in your human design is your "Physical Health System" aka your digestion.
  • 27th of December 2022
    • Topic: Heart Opening Breath. We will be focusing on opening the heart chakra by using a guided meditation, raw cacao and (a) breathing technique(s).
  • 28th of December 2022
    • Topic: Letting Go. Today I will show you how to use your oracle/tarot cards to find out what you need to let go of and how to do that. We will also be packing a "suitcase" -> A suitcase for your physical passing and your souls departure to the next part of its journey. This is a suitcase you will not be taking with you, but one that you will leave behind for your loved ones.
  • 29th of December 2022
    • Topic: Intuition. Today we will look at your inner authority (human design) and uncover what to look out for when it comes to your intuition.
  • 30th of December 2022
    • Topic: Relationships. On this night we will be looking at the open spaces in your human design and understand how other individuals are impacting you. We will also be doing a technique called "stick figure technique" by Jacques Martel, which will help move into the upcoming year with more peace and harmony in your relationships.
  • 31st of December 2022
    • Topic: Gratitude & Blessings. Going though this last day of the year, by remembering positive memories and feeling grateful for what was/is, is a beautiful way to thank 2022 and welcome 2023. We will also be making a "jar of blessings" where you can choose to collect your blessings on a daily or weekly basis. I personally also like to clean my home, bedsheets, clothes etc. to start fresh into the new year. Who ever is up for it can also participate in the New Years Ritual that will be available.
  • 1st of January 2023
    • Topic: New Beginnings & Transition. You will have several things you can do today, which revolve around the topics of "releasing", "manifesting", "observing" and "transformation". We are also going look into the topic of "values" which you will be familiar with if you own the Opportyounity journal or did the "12+1 weeks to self-love" journey with me. Spending time in nature will also be a part of this day.
  • 2nd of January 2023
    • Topic: Vision & Future. This is the time we start visualising and manifesting out future! I will be showing you which method is best for your personal manifestation & we will be using this to create a vision board and/or a mind-movie for your future. We also will be looking into your life path according to human design & what your "Self & not self themes" are according to your design.
  • 3rd of January 2023
    • Topic: Growth & Action. When it comes to growth & taking action you will need to create a bit of a plan & structure to get things moving along. We will be taking a look at what that "structure" looks like for you and how you best develop your habits. We will also be doing a free flow yoga session in which we work on balancing your chakras.
  • 4th of January 2023
    • Topic: Connectedness. Connectedness is such an important topic and often neglected in our day to day life. We will be focusing on nature, sounds and vibrations today. This session will start with a meditation and end with you creating a "sigil" for yourself.
  • 5th of January 2023
    • Topic: Abundance. The topics of abundance & gratitude are flooding the world at the moment - why? because understanding all that you have and being grateful for it is one of the highest vibrations you can attain. Gratitude is so powerful that it can even be healing. So today, we will be creating a jar of blessings which you can fill day by day, week by week or whenever inspiration strikes - with things that you are grateful for. Every time you feel low, you will then be able to grab hold of one of those pieces of paper. We will also be taking a last look at your chart to identify what feeling you should look out for to know whether you are on the right path.
  • 6th of January 2023
    • Topic: Last Wish & Reflection. This is the last day of the "Rauhnächte" and we will be taking a look at the last wish that you have not yet burnt. This is the wish that you will be fulfilling on your own terms. Today, we will make an action plan of how you will achieve it!

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