Free: Intro to Loving Yourself


This free and concise Introduction course offers an overview of the concept of self-love from the perspective of the Opportyounity Program and its crucial role in enhancing your overall happiness and well-being. Fill out the information below to subscribe to the monthly Opportyounity Newsletter and receive access to this Free Course on Self-Love.

Welcome to the "Introduction to Loving Yourself" course, which lays the foundation of the Opportyounity Program. This course aims to introduce you to the power of self-love and self-acceptance through an explanation of the 12 pillars that form the basis of the Opportyounity Program. Achieving balance across these 12 aspects of life is essential to experiencing inner peace and happiness. By taking this course, you will take the tirst step towards improving your overall well-being and developing resilience.


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I am Miko, developer of the Opportyounity Life Program, author of the Opportyounity Journal, working as a certified yoga therapy instructor (since 2016) and holistic life coach, specialised in mindful living and healing meditation. I created the Opportyountiy Life Program because I used to struggle with the information overload on how to truly be happy and live a healthy life. I want you to have the information at hand, that I never had, so that YOU can reach there with a map tailored to your needs.