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Dive deep into a tailored exploration of your unique energetic blueprint, unveiling insights from shadow work to relationship dynamics. This Advanced Reading, adaptable to your individual needs, promises profound clarity on your life’s challenges, passions, and transformative path

Important: This session is personalised. If we have not yet met, please book a free 15 min. call here BEFORE purchasing this reading.

Advanced Human Design Reading

Each session is meticulously tailored to your unique needs and desires. While the following description offers a broad overview, rest assured that every detail of your reading will be customized to resonate specifically with YOU.

For those who've previously delved into a "Human Design Introduction Reading" (whether with me or another practitioner), and are now eager to plunge deeper into the intricacies of their chart, this Advanced Reading serves as a transformative next step. We will embark on an exploration that spans the breadth and depth of your chart, introducing you to relevant planets and even asteroids that lend insight into life challenges, optimal wellness practices, and strategies for personal evolution.

Here are some facets of your Human Design we might delve into, tailored to your interests and concerns:

  • Shadow Work & Deconditioning: We'll concentrate on relevant asteroids, gates, and channels, to empower you to identify and heal any limiting beliefs or patterns that might be obstructing your growth. This section of the reading is anchored in leading you to embrace your true Self, unlocking unparalleled potential, and fostering a more genuine, empowered existence.
  • (Self) Love & Relationships: A voyage into the dynamics and energetics of your relationships, you'll garner a profound understanding of your energetic interactions. From communication strategies to harnessing pertinent planetary aspects, this facet helps cultivate healthier, more fulfilling relationships—both with others and, most importantly, with yourself.
  • Life Purpose & Passion(s): Unlock the secrets of your chart that shine light on your life's calling. By evaluating your incarnation cross, relevant asteroids, and dominant planetary energies, this part of the reading aims to crystallize your motivations and align them with your authentic path, setting the stage for a life teeming with purpose and passion.

If you are interested in a deeper deconditioning & self development journey with me, click here for the 12 Week personalised "Releasing your Potential" Program.

Some Aspects we may explore include:

  • Incarnation Cross
  • North & South Nodes
  • Relevant Inner & Outer Planetary Positions
  • Relevant Asteroids
  • Determination
  • Cognition
  • Environment
  • Motivation
  • Transference
  • Sense
  • View

Duration: 120 - 180 minutes

What's Included: A video recording of our enriching session, alongside a PDF of your Human Design Chart (should you not already possess it).

This Advanced Reading is as versatile as it is profound. By adapting to your individual needs, we'll unveil insights that can guide your journey towards a richer, more harmonious life.

I'm looking forward to our deep dive together and the chance to illuminate your path to holistic well-being and self-awareness đź’—


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